AUA’s “Dinner with Six Strangers” Program Engages Students and Alumni

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YEREVAN- On October 18, 2013, the American University of Armenia (AUA)’s Office of Alumni Relations and Career Development launched a new mentoring program entitled “Dinner with Six Strangers.”

The program aims to provide AUA graduate students, undergraduate students, and alumni with the opportunity to meet, network, and share their experiences in an informal setting. The dinners are hosted by AUA alumni, who invite six students from different academic departments and years of study.

Alumni are able to share their professional experience and to act as mentors for current students. Arus Shahinyan (MA TEFL ‘14), one of the students invited to the first dinner, said, “I have never heard of a university that motivated students by organizing events like this, allowing current students and alumni to share their experiences, to discuss their emotions and feelings within this or that department. I really appreciate this opportunity to meet AUA graduates and to hear about their career developments after graduation.”

In addition, the alumni who hosted the dinner shared that although many years had passed since their graduation, they were happy to establish new connections with the younger generation and to have one more opportunity to reflect on their experience at AUA.

The Office of Alumni Relations and Career Development plans to hold up to two “Dinner with Six Strangers” events per month. The next event will take place on November 9. If you wish to participate in one of the events, please contact the Office of Alumni Relations and Career Development at [email protected] or 010 51 25 40.

The mission of the AUA Office of Alumni Relations and Career Development is to develop, coordinate and promote programs for our alumni to keep them connected and involved with the AUA and one another, and to create a culture of philanthropy by encouraging alumni to contribute their time, talent, and resources to the advancement of the University.



Current students from AUA’s graduate and undergraduate programs participated in the first ever Dinner with Six Strangers event, hosted by AUA alumni.

The career development function of the Office of Alumni Relations and Career Development is to contribute to career achievements of AUA graduates through enhancing their job finding skills. Additionally, to provide job placement services to students/alumni and develop strong and tangible links between employers and the university, to allow for the Office of Alumni Relations and Career Development to support and assist students and alumni in their professional development.


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