AUA Extension Bookkeeping Training in Yeghegnadzor
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AUA Extension Completes Training in the Regions 

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YEGHEGNADZOR, Armenia — As part of its concerted focus on regional development, American University of Armenia (AUA) Extension recently realized hands-on training in Yeghegnadzor. Two groups of 30 participants total, among them six forcibly displaced women from Artsakh, completed the Bookkeeping Fundamentals course delivered on March 5 through 20. Specifically designed for those pursuing skill acquisition or a new career path, this course dived into the concepts and terminology essential for building a strong foundation in the field, duly enhancing participants’ competitiveness in the job market. Covering essential subject matter, such as double-entry bookkeeping, transaction registration, inventory management, e-invoicing, and asset management, the course advanced the participants’ knowledge in fundamental accounting principles and practices. Through a combination of hands-on learning and practice assignments, participants learned about cash management and financial reporting, also acquiring skills in the use of relevant accounting software.

The course was led by Seda Vardanyan, MBA, ACCA, and CEFE professional with over 18 years of experience in managerial accounting, auditing, and tax consulting at PwC and General Electric, among others.  

Participant Naira Manaseryan, program manager at Syunik-Zargatsum NGO, reflects on her experience with the course: “I joined Bookkeeping Fundamentals in order to better understand financial transactions and nuances related to the financial management of projects. Thanks to the course, I discovered that this field is very close to my professional interests, and I am now thinking about participating in new courses and acquiring more advanced skills in the field.”

Victoria Khachatryan, deputy manager of VTB Bank in Yeghegnadzor, shared her thoughts: “Participating in the Bookkeeping Fundamentals course was the best opportunity to fulfill a long-cherished wish to learn more about the subject matter. Until now, such courses were usually offered only in Yerevan and were out of my reach. I got a lot from the Bookkeeping Fundamentals course because not only was it comprehensive and effective, but the content also offered me the opportunity to grow and continue learning on my own to become more specialized in the field.”

Marine Mkhitaryan, a participant from the Martakert region, Artsakh, who now lives in Jermuk, is working for the Sevan bread factory from home sewing work gloves. She is very enthusiastic about expanding her small business, for which she felt she would greatly benefit from this course. “The course was very important for learning how to calculate unit cost, as well as acquire more skills for doing business on a larger scale,” she says. 

This initiative not only enhances the competitiveness of young professionals, but also facilitates their adaptation and integration into the workforce, thereby contributing to the economic development and expansion of employment opportunities in the region.

AUA Extension is the non-degree arm of the American University of Armenia (AUA), offering certificate programs, courses and workshops especially geared to meeting the educational needs of individuals from diverse backgrounds, occupations, and professional pursuits. Extension works closely with governmental organizations and corporate entities to identify the specific training areas that must be met. To address those expressed needs, AUA Extension designs and develops a wide range of courses, including language classes, test preparation courses, and professional development workshops in demand, revisited annually. Through its regional centers across Armenia, AUA Extension brings a rich learning curriculum to local residents for them to thrive and aptly contribute to the development of their communities. Additionally, AUA Extension provides testing services on behalf of various international standardized tests for college admission and professional certification.