Dr. Victor Ohanian
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Dr. Ohanian Published in Journal of Applied Probability

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YEREVAN, Armenia – In June 2023, American University of Armenia (AUA) Zaven P. and Sonia Akian College of Science and Engineering (CSE) Adjunct Professor Victor Ohanian achieved a notable milestone, publishing his research titled “On Intersection Probabilities of Four Lines Inside a Planar Convex Domain,” co-authored with his Ph.D. student and AUA alumnus Davit Martirosyan (BSCS ’19) in the Journal of Applied Probability, a Q1-rated journal published by Cambridge University. 

The research delved into the geometric tomography methods in stochastic geometry, addressing crucial challenges in geometric tomography, particularly focusing on the reconstruction of a body by probabilistic methods. Reconstruction of the body over its cross sections is one of the main tasks of geometric tomography. The research concerned solving important real-time challenges. 

“Currently, computer tomography tools roughly determine the shape and size of the tumor, thus resulting in an unknown measurement error,” noted Professor Ohanian. Consequently, the research aimed to accurately determine both the tumor’s shape and size by implementing the geometric tomography method. More precisely, its purpose was to determine some characteristics of a given body by simulating random lines intersecting this body.

Geometric tomography is a broad concept, as it is possible to use different models when solving this problem, including covariogram, chord length distribution, simulation of random points thrown inside of the body, and intersection of the body by random k-flats (k dimensional planes), k>0). Professor Ohanian emphasized the ongoing evolution and possibility of further research in this field in the upcoming years. 

CSE continues to elevate its research profile, reinforcing its commitment to research and making a significant contribution to cutting-edge scientific discoveries. 

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