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PSIA Faculty Dr. Uros Prokic Published in International Journal of Applied Philosophy

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YEREVAN, Armenia — Dr. Uros Prokic, assistant professor at the American University of Armenia (AUA) Political Science and International Affairs (PSIA) program, recently published his research in the peer-reviewed academic journal International Journal of Applied Philosophy (IJAP). The article was released by the Philosophy Documentation Center, a specialized publisher with a reputation for excellence in the publication of journals, book series, conference proceedings, reference works, and other materials in philosophy, applied ethics, religious studies, and related fields. 

Dr. Prokic’s article, titled “Hume’s “Third Way”: A Pareto Optimal Account of Convention,” critically assesses previous research utilizing a game theory framework to understand Hume’s account of convention as the tangible expression of justice for the purpose of regulating possessions. In doing so, his research offers an alternative understanding of Humean convention that clearly lays out the rules and main assumptions of the game, as presented in “A Treatise of Human Nature,” and proceeds with analyzing the implied optimal strategy and outcome. Rejecting commonly held views that consider Humean convention in terms of the Nash equilibrium and pure contractarianism, this research offers a novel middle approach — a “Third Way” between self-interest and sympathy, cooperation and non-cooperation, and ultimately contractarianism and utilitarianism. This “Third Way” conceives of Hume’s account of convention as a cooperative game with binding threats that necessarily always rests on the Pareto optimal strategy seeking a Pareto optimal outcome.

“Being published in IJAP is an honor, especially at this critical time in my academic career,” says Dr. Prokic. “Since 1982, IJAP has built a reputation as a bridge between philosophy and practical (political) issues, allowing scholars to ‘voice’ interdisciplinary research that showcases the relevance of the theoretical and abstract on various subjects. Collaborating with the journal’s experienced editors has been an invaluable experience and not only validates my research agenda, but also vests me with the confidence to delve deeper into my academic interests. I am eager to take up new research challenges and further build on this success.”

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