CBA Representative Presenting at AUA

Career Services Hosts Representatives from Central Bank of Armenia

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YEREVAN, Armenia — On April 28, the American University of Armenia (AUA) Career Services hosted representatives from the Central Bank of Armenia (CBA) who presented their brand new “Young Professionals” program with actual job offers for AUA students and recent graduates. 

The Director of the CBA Macroeconomic Directorate and Head of Dilijan Training and Research Center Armen Nurbekyan (MBA ’11) opened the meeting by stating the two main objectives of his presentation: to introduce the mission of the CBA and its principal function, as well as to provide more detailed information about the “Young Professionals” program. The presentation was very informative and effective in changing people’s perception of CBA as an old-fashioned and rigid organization.  

Creating a warm and interactive environment, Nurbekyan engaged the participants with his questions and answered the questions they posed. Inquiring about what students considered an ideal job, many participants shared their individual opinions and expectations, mentioning growth opportunities, a creative workspace, and a decent salary as the most important factors, also offering a salary range that would be acceptable to them and other innovative compensation arrangements and appealing career paths. 

The presentation continued with the CBA Deputy Governor Nerses Yeritsyan who elaborated the three common career paths one could experience: fast initial career advancement followed by a lull; steady incremental growth; and slow initial growth followed by a sharp rise. Yeritsyan went on explaining that the most secure career path is the third scenario, which promises a rewarding growth pattern.

Yeritsyan also spoke about the digital revolution in the banking system, strongly suggesting that the local banking system must keep up with a world of constantly burgeoning new technologies. In other words, the entire system should go digital. Currently, Armenia is not fully engaged in this endeavor yet, because of pending considerations of cyber security. The Central Bank currently dedicates considerable effort in this domain. By concerted attention to this issue, Armenia will be able to successfully develop e-society and e-economy to conduct all types of transactions and achieve the goals shared by the entire population. 

Closing the presentation was Business Manager of Corporate Services and Development Directorate Tatevik Avanesyan (MBA ’21) who provided additional details on the brand new “Young Professionals” program. Firstly she polled the participants about their interest in joining the CBA, to which 74% of the audience responded positively. She then explained how the “Young Professionals” program would provide them with the right opportunities to grow individual strengths, knowledge, and skills in route to becoming high-performing professionals a driving force and key asset inside and outside the organization. The program, she maintained, will help students identify how to kick-start their career. The participants will gain experience in at least three departments of the CBA during the first six months of the program, which will serve as a guide for them in choosing the right path in their professional career. At the end of the six-month rotation, participants in the “Young Professionals” program will receive a permanent job offer which could also provide them with the opportunity to gain international experience and learn best practices. The program is precisely created for the younger generation as the future change makers. 

The presentations were valuable and informative for presenters as well as the students. The CBA staff restated its readiness to welcome smart and creative students from AUA to join its teams. In turn, participating AUA students were excited to meet key CBA staff and to learn more about the new program and career opportunities at CBA. 

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