$5000 Left to Meet Target of $29,000 to Purchase Lab Equipment for Mining Pollution Testing. Contribute Now Toward Informing and Empowering Communities.

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October 3, 2014 – ONEArmenia has launched its newest crowdfunding campaign, this time for lab equipment that will enable mining communities in Armenia to detect toxic pollution in their soil, and water, and identify lead contamination in children’s blood.

The campaign was launched on October 3rd and will continue until November 14th, 2014.

This campaign has a fundraising goal of $29,664. The AUA Center for Responsible Mining will use the proceeds from the crowdfunding campaign to purchase the equipment for this monitoring.

Currently 22 of the over 400 active mines in Armenia are metal mines. These mines deposit heavy-metal pollutants into the environment affecting the land, water, and air in nearby communities. Poor monitoring and enforcement of regulations leaves these communities exposed to toxic pollution. Independent monitoring will empower these communities to take the first step in making mining more accountable and responsible.


AUA Center for Responsible Mining (AUA CRM) promotes the creation and adoption of global best practices on environmentally and economically responsible mining in Armenia and the surrounding region. To achieve this, AUA CRM uses research, training, advocacy and engages with all key stakeholders including industry, civil society, environmental advocacy groups, financial institutions, and the public sector.

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