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BAB Student Receives Central Bank’s Isahak Isahakyan Scholarship

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YEREVAN, Armenia — The American University of Armenia (AUA) is pleased to announce that undergraduate student Armen Fljyan (BAB ’25) has received second place in the Central Bank of Armenia’s (CBA) Isahak Isahakyan research and scholarship competition. Named in honor of the Bank’s first governor, the competition has been implemented as a scholarship program engaging students from universities of Armenia and Artsakh. The goal of the program is to create a community of researchers and bring together individuals sharing an interest in the CBA Research Agenda who will later be involved in various research initiatives and projects implemented by the Bank. The Central Bank also aims to increase interest toward conducting research among the students and reveal their research potential.

Fljyan, a junior enrolled in the University’s B.A. in Business (BAB) program, also works as artificial intelligence pipeline lead at SmartGateVC. His motivation to participate in the competition stemmed from his keen interest in Central Bank Digital Currencies (CBDCs), which are digital forms of fiat money issued and regulated by a country’s central bank. “Given that CBDC is one of the most exciting topics in the global financial sector today, the competition offered an attractive opportunity to explore and contribute to a cutting-edge area of research,” he explained. “This subject is particularly fascinating due to its potential to revolutionize the financial landscape by enhancing the efficiency of payment systems and improving financial inclusion.”

Fljyan credits his academic journey at AUA for the instrumental role the Institution has played in preparing him for the competition. “Through extensive research opportunities and a curriculum that includes rigorous courses like macroeconomics and statistics, I have gained a deep and practical understanding of complex economic theories and quantitative analysis,” he reflected. “These courses not only provided me with the theoretical knowledge necessary to tackle challenging concepts, but also honed my analytical skills, allowing me to apply these insights effectively in real-world scenarios.”

As for contributing to the Central Bank’s Research Agenda and Armenian society at large, Fljyan plans to focus on emerging topics to gain insights quickly and contribute to the country’s growth. He has several immediate projects in mind following his graduation next year, including focusing on research and Armenia’s high-tech community, as he is already deeply involved in the latter through his current role at SmartGateVC. 

In addition to his studies and employment at SmartGateVC, Fljyan also serves as the project coordinator at Restart Vanadzor NGO, which is dedicated to fostering positive changes in Armenia by empowering the youth, advocating for a better education system, and promoting democratic values. This position allows him to actively contribute to nurturing a generation of informed and engaged citizens who are prepared to lead and innovate. “My commitment to these sectors of industry and society will continue to play a significant role in my efforts to be a part of the growth and advancement of Armenia. I am certain that I will continue my contributions and reside in Armenia after graduation.”

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