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BAB ’18 Seniors Awarded For Their Capstone’s Honors Thesis Projects

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YEREVAN, Armenia ‒ On June 13, 2018, outstanding students in the BA in Business (BAB) program of the Manoogian Simone College of Business and Economics (CBE) of the American University of Armenia (AUA) received awards for their Honors Thesis projects 2018. This scholarly research project provides students with an opportunity to synthesize data into a meaningful content applying theories and frameworks acquired in their program to an analysis of a specific business or economics related issue or problem.  

This year BAB Thesis projects coming from different disciplines were supervised by three CBE faculty members ‒ Dr. Knar Khachatryan, Dr. Vardan Baghdasaryan, and Dr. Gayane Barseghyan, who highlighted the importance of culminating projects which demonstrate how students have been using information as a tool for transformation in their academic and professional lives. “Hopefully, the research ideas will be taken further to be explored in Master’s and PhD studies,” added Dr. Khachatryan, emphasizing the value of mutual learning during Capstone projects.

Anna Grigoryan, one of the winning senior students, thanked the instructors for the effort they have put into supervising the projects and most importantly for the creativity they have developed in students during these years. She said: “Writing a Capstone project was a huge responsibility. Neither the grade nor the award was as important as the process of exploring it, having an input in something more scientific and perhaps transforming our knowledge into a project. Whatever you learn you should be able to develop it into a product, and this is the final product of what we have learned.”

BAB Capstone’s Honors Thesis, which goes through a second reader blind review, is meant to demonstrate the students’ analytic and interpretive skills. It should have a substantial research, data collection, analysis component and a focus that falls within the scope of the academic track. The Capstone award is given annually to students who present the best and the most original Capstone paper.

Spring 2018 Honors Thesis projects are available in the AUA Digital Repository. The award-winning projects are listed below:

Nare Krmoyan

Business Education in the Tech-driven Globalized Economy

Supervisor: Dr. Knar Khachatryan

Tigran Mooradian

The Influences of Background Music on the Buying Behavior of Clothing Store Customers in Armenia

Supervisor: Dr. Knar Khachatryan

Anna Grigoryan

Dietonomics: A Junior Economist Explores the Other Side of Dieting

Supervisor: Dr. Vardan Baghdasaryan

Artur Grigoryan

Realized Volatility and Price Determinants of Bitcoin

Supervisor: Dr. Vardan Baghdasaryan

Robert Yenokyan

Developing a Framework for Forecasting Financial Time Series Using Wavelet-LSTM Hybrid Model

Supervisor: Dr. Gayane Barseghyan

Arman Zhamharyan

Price Determinants and Prediction of Bitcoin and Ethereum

Supervisor: Dr. Gayane Barseghyan


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