AUA SPH Associate Dean Invited to Present Armenia’s Public Health Issues in New York City

By the AUA School of Public Health

NEW YORK, NY, USA – On November 1, 2013, Dr. Varduhi Petrosyan, associate dean of the School of Public Health (SPH) of the American University of Armenia (AUA), was invited to present about tuberculosis and other pressing public health issues in Armenia by the Armenian Medical Fund (AMF) and the American Armenian Health Professionals Organization (AAHPO) at an event at Byblos Restaurant in New York City. Approximately 65 professionals attended the event, which received coverage by the Voice of Armenians TV network in New York.

Dr. Petrosyan started her presentation by highlighting AUA’s major accomplishments and academic programs. She then shared the exciting results of an AMF-sponsored TB intervention program and concluded with information about other important projects by the AUA School of Public Health. A lively question and answer session followed the presentation.

Dr. Larry Najarian, the AAHPO president stated, “We are very fortunate to have someone of the caliber of Dr. Petrosyan to be with us today and share with us a very innovative program on how to reach out to the community of people in Armenia, a vulnerable population that has this problem of TB.”

Dr. Kim Hekimian, clinical assistant professor at Columbia University, emphasized “Health experts in Armenia can conduct very innovative and state of the art research projects that are appropriate for Armenia. I hope we can spread successful interventions to the rest of the country with the combination of funding from the Diaspora and expertise in Armenia.”

AMF is a non-profit, non-sectarian, philanthropic organization established in New York State in 1953 with the sole purpose of strengthening Tuberculosis (TB) control in Armenia and the Middle East.

AAHPO represents all health professions including nursing, pharmacy, nutrition, dentistry and medicine in the New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut region. Their mission is to improve health care awareness, to increase disease prevention and early detection, and to provide medical support and education to the local community and the community in Armenia.

Coverage of the event may be viewed here.

The AUA School of Public Health works actively to improve the health of the populace and health services in Armenia and the region through interdisciplinary education and development of public health professionals and others to be leaders in public health, health services research and evaluation, and health care delivery and management. 


Dr. Varduhi Petrosyan, associate dean of the AUA School of Public Health, speaks about pressing public health issues in Armenia at a lecture in New York City.

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