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EPIC Launches 14th Incubation Cycle: Welcoming 8 New Startups

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YEREVAN, Armenia The Entrepreneurship and Product Innovation Center (EPIC) at the American University of Armenia (AUA) proudly announces the start of its 14th consecutive cohort of its Incubation Program. This moment presents an opportunity to reflect on the journey that the Incubation Program has traveled as the sole incubation program in Armenia that has maintained an uninterrupted presence in the startup scene since 2017. 

EPIC Incubation stands out as the only program of its kind in the country, with a track record of fostering over 130 startups and nurturing the growth of more than 350 entrepreneurs. With each successive cohort, EPIC has tirelessly worked to refine and enhance its program, ensuring that participants receive the most comprehensive, up-to-date, and impactful support in the early stages of their entrepreneurial journey.

“The EPIC Incubation Program has already helped many entrepreneurs, shaping their mindset and equipping them with skills and tools to validate their ideas,” said EPIC Operations and Community Manager and Incubation Program Lead Anna Khachatryan (BAB ’18, MSM ’21). “They come to EPIC with an unshaped idea that does not have a clear value proposition or target market. We go through cycles of user research and market analysis to help them define their problem statements, understand the validity of solutions, and be ready to create their first minimum viable product. We are always surprised and gratified by the progress that teams make in just 15 weeks.” 

EPIC’s commitment to innovation extends beyond the mere launch of startups; it is about building a sustainable ecosystem where ideas thrive and entrepreneurs flourish. 

“The Incubation Program advances not only the skills of startup development but also helps participants enlarge their network and become closer to the Armenian and international startup ecosystem. When providing our teams with mentors, we always try to assign them both local and international mentors, so that the teams can expand their worldviews and be ready to develop further as more prepared ecosystem members upon graduation from EPIC,” added EPIC Operations and Community Manager Anna Khachatryan (BAB ’18, MSM ’21).

As in previous batches, EPIC has cultivated a team of exceptional mentors who play a crucial role in the Incubation Program, providing invaluable guidance and expanding the networks of early-stage startups. Mentors include entrepreneurs and founders of startups of various sizes, along with representatives from renowned entities such as Disqo, Krisp, Saima, and Untapped Ventures.

As EPIC approaches the halfway point of the Spring 2024 batch, teams are fully immersed in the cornerstone phase of the Incubation Program: customer interviews and competitor analysis. Excitingly, this batch features startup founders from renowned and successful companies and organizations in Armenia, including Picsart, EPAM Systems, Digitain, Hoory, and the Foundation for Armenian Science and Technology, among others. Notably, this cohort also includes enthusiastic participants from both bachelor’s and master’s programs at AUA, whose academic backgrounds serve as a strong foundation for becoming one of the top-performing teams for the batch. Their diverse backgrounds promise an enriching and dynamic cohort for this Incubation batch. With the annual Demo Day, which also features the conferral of the Agbabian prizes, scheduled for early June, EPIC encourages the AUA and broader entrepreneurial community to stay tuned to discover the innovative startups participating in this Incubation cycle.

Meet EPIC’s Startup Teams

Clubroomz is a networking platform for activity exploration that helps users discover diverse activities and find companions.

Huge platform connects influencers with verified visual content creators based on their location. 

Lookify provides a virtual artificial intelligence stylist that suggests matching outfits based on individual preferences and the user’s wardrobe. Users can explore and try on their selections through the platform’s virtual try-on feature, enabling them to make informed decisions before purchasing online.

PartFinder is an innovative platform that simplifies auto parts sourcing through vehicle identification number-based searches, ensuring compatibility and convenience. Additionally, PartFinder provides auto part sellers with a digital storefront to showcase their inventory.

Prompticus is a gamified platform that helps users learn prompt engineering and refine their prompts through interactive tasks and context-specific suggestions.

Thehood is a web platform, similar to Nextdoor in the U.S., that helps neighbors connect, communicate, and share local happenings to build a better community. It also serves as a platform for local businesses to promote their goods and services within the community.  

UST helps drivers save time and money on car repairs by connecting them with trusted parts suppliers and repair shops.

Noor is a virtual stylist, a digital solution designed to assist people in refining their style across clothing, hair, and makeup, tailored to their appearance features, styles, and preferences.