Kyourk Arslanian

Kyourk Arslanian (BAPG ’26): I Can Now Answer “Why AUA” 

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As a sophomore halfway through my journey to graduation, I felt the need to pen my emotions within the pages of the American University of Armenia’s (AUA) diary. As it is every student’s primary goal to receive the highest education available in their region, I consider AUA my favorite place in Yerevan. I call it not a second home, but a true home. The idea of having a second home always seemed strange to me, because a home cannot be quantified; it can only be felt and expressed. The value this institution holds for me can only be expressed through my gratitude for the experiences it has provided me.

My appreciation starts every morning in AUA’s corridors, seeing the staff members, instructors, and students from the library to the cafeteria begin their daily routine. We are like one big family, where each member has different priorities but contributes to the common goal. What we have here is a gift — it is more than just an education. It is the interactions with people within the University that make students grow. If you ask what I have learned during these two years, I would say discipline, the value of time, and self-worth. Although the undergraduate journey is just four years, the memories last a lifetime. The realization that these moments will not come back will probably hit when we close this chapter and move forward. When people say everything happens for a reason, they mean it; personally, AUA provided the push I needed to strive beyond my limits, be fearless, and always remain open to new opportunities.

At 24, I am still pursuing my undergraduate degree. When I was exploring my interests and what sparked enthusiasm in me, I promised myself I would invest my time only in the things that matter to me and benefit others. Transitioning from studying medicine for three years to becoming a politics fan was a significant shift in my life. Before coming to AUA, I was looking for something that made me say, “Yes, I feel good doing this” or “I am happy here,” and once I landed at the University, I fortunately had the chance to say even more than I was looking for. 

A special shoutout goes to my faculty, Politics and Governance, for planting in me the idea that you can simultaneously be both professional and kind. As young lifelong learners, we may be students today and workers tomorrow, but passing through the chapters of life demands embracing tolerance, understanding, and continuous self-development. Viewing the world from diverse angles while considering both sides of the same coin is crucial. Last but not least, the reason I chose AUA is simply because it is located in the heart of Armenia, in Yerevan. It is an eternal source of pride for every young Armenian to have this opportunity as a symbolic token, to be remembered one day among the youth who are collectively studying to be better people and shining representatives of our nation and country.

To whoever reads this, thank you. I am not a lone entry in AUA’s diary, and you, too, have a stake in this journey. Remember to maximize the value of what you hold, because time flies, and we often realize too late the importance of being appreciative of the things in our lives.

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