AUA CSE Research Associate Anahit Manasyan’s Article About Domestic Violence in Armenia Gets International Attention

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YEREVAN, Armenia – Research Associate in the American University of Armenia (AUA) College of Science & Engineering (CSE) Anahit Manasyan has recently published an article in the Political Science Almanac academic peer-reviewed journal. Ms. Manasyan’s article, “The Choice of Gender roles and the Perceptions of Gender Violence in Regions of Armenia,” addresses the negative impact on the economic development of Armenia caused by domestic violence.

Ms. Manasyan states, “Women are considered as culture preservers and transmitters. Thus, the fairy tales are one of the widely spread methods of transmitting the perceptions, understandings, and other aspects of the social culture. It is important to understand how much these fairy tales have affected Armenian women, and how domestic violence is widely accepted in their daily lives. “The Choice of Gender roles and the Perceptions of Gender Violence in regions of Armenia” examines the general understanding of domestic violence in Armenia.”

Ms. Manasyan has been invited to participate in the international conference, “Europe, Nations, and Insecurity: Challenges to Identities,” presenting her article, and research findings. The conference will be held by the Vytautas Magnus University, in cooperation with the Association for the Study of Nationalities (ASN) from June 30th through July 2nd in Kaunas, Lithuania. The panels of the conference will examine a wide-range of topics related to the political and economic situations in all regions of Europe. Serious consideration will be given to the persistent problem of state aggression, ethnic conflicts, newly emerging threats, challenges, and insecurities.

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