Siranush Sahakyan, Armenia TV

|Armenia TV| Sahakyan notes that Azerbaijan is obligated to ensure the physical immunity of POWs. /ARM/
Davit Babayan

|| Advisor to the President of Artsakh also commented on the negotiation process.
Mane Tandilyan, CivilNet

|CivilNet| According to the minister, Artsakh is now a humanitarian disaster zone. /ARM/
Donald Fuller, Vahe Odabashian, Rafik Santrosyan

Dr. Donald Fuller, Dr. Vahe Odabashian, and Dr. Rafik Santrosyan are the recipients.
Vache Gabrelyan, CivilNet

|CivilNet| Dr. Gabrielyan comments on the economic downturn in 2020 and the challenges of 2021. /ARM/
Nana Hayrumyan with her purple books

Open Education made its language and professional development courses available free of charge.
Levon Gevorgyan interviewed AUA LL.M. Adjunct Lecturer Levon Gevorgyan. /ARM/

|| Davidian has worked in technical intelligence analysis at major high tech firms.
Children of Artsakh

The educational initiative was launched by AUA MATEFL, CTEFL, and EEC faculty and students.
Mane Tandilyan, Artsakh

|Armenpress| Arayik Harutyunyan appointed her as Minister of Labor, Social and Housing Affairs of Artsakh.
16th World Congress on Public Health

The AUA SPH team organized a workshop and participated in poster display sessions.
Translating Statements by Prominent Intellectuals during the Artsakh War

AUA CTr. students turned their virtual classroom into a translation laboratory.

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