AUA Race Lake Sevan

Members of the AUA community participated in the 212-km Race Around Lake Sevan.
ESF2020 post-event

University partners included Brusov State University, Armenian State University of Economics, and others.
David Davidian

|Lragir| Adjunct Lecturer Davidian heavily engages in political analysis. /ARM/
Gevorg Poghosyan

Poghosyan is one of the most experienced and successful entrepreneurs in Armenia.
Kristina Sargsyan

|Public TV| Sargsyan talks about diabetes and its diagnosis, peculiarities, and more. /ARM/
Fueling Green Growth

The course was aimed at enhancing national capacities in the domain of climate adaptation.
Kristina Akopyan

|Public TV| Akopyan will study at the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine. /ARM/
AUA PicsArt Workshop

The workshop was on “Texture Synthesis and Hole Filling by Matching Image Patches.” 
Ayb event contests

Ayb launched an interactive visualization dashboard for analyzing the historical data of contests.
MSM Capstones

The student teams conducted market research and analysis for partnering companies.

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