ACE Wild Plant Harvesting Workshop

The workshop focused on policy goals for rural populations and protecting Armenia’s biodiversity.

|Public Radio of Armenia| AUA's Acopian Center contributed to the River Banks Protection Program launch. /ARM/
Fueling Green Growth

The course was aimed at enhancing national capacities in the domain of climate adaptation.

|Armenian Weekly| The paper outlines discussions and recommendations from the 2019 Forest Summit.
Waste Governance Alen Amirkhanian

The study makes recommendations for improving waste governance in Armenia.
PONTOS featured

AUA leads the project with partners from the Black Sea region.

|Regional Post| The Center is implementing four projects on waste management in Armenia.
Triangle Park

Survey results will inform the design of the Triangle Park.

|Regional Post| Alen Amirkhanyan talks about the present and future of the center.
CRM EITI Training Responsible Mining

The AUA Center for Responsible Mining conducted the training.
AUA Webinar Business Community and Sustainable Waste Management

The webinar aimed to raise awareness about environmental issues.
Our Planet

The official launch of Our Planet took place online via a live webinar on June 4, 2020.

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