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Empowering the Next Generation of Professionals: AUA Extension Workshops

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YEREVAN, Armenia — During the month of May, American University of Armenia (AUA) Extension brought together 201 professionals for a series of advanced courses and workshops to further develop their skills and knowledge across various sectors. With a focus on practical applications led by experts in their respective fields, these sessions garnered enthusiastic participation and positive outcomes. Below are the highlights of Extension’s May offerings.

A workshop on Public Sector Governance provided participants with deep insights into governance frameworks and policy-making processes. Participants from the Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs of Armenia and other government offices engaged in interactive discussions and case studies of public governance models. Important focus was placed on participatory models of governance that would work in various types of governments.

The LinkedIn for Job Search workshop guided participants in approaches to optimizing their LinkedIn profiles, mastering job search techniques, and pinpointing potential employers. An experienced industry expert shared with participants insights on leveraging LinkedIn’s advanced features to network effectively and uncover hidden job opportunities.

The Thriving in Career and Life workshop explored science-backed strategies for resilience and career development, focusing on Psychological Capital (PsyCap) and the PERMA model. Participants learned how Positive Psychology helps navigate challenges and thrive amid uncertainty. The workshop included interactive exercises to enhance psychological resources, foster optimism, and build a fulfilling career.

Innovative problem-solving methodologies, encouraging creative and analytical thinking, were introduced in the Design Thinking, Systems Thinking, Critical Thinking course. Participants learned to approach various challenges by way of recognizing personal biases, discerning credible sources from misinformation, honing skills to analyze claims, and dissecting persuasive language and logic effectively. 

In the Introduction to Fashion Design workshop, participants gained hands-on practice and experience creating their own design projects from initial sketches to final pieces. 

The Positive Intelligence for Personal and Professional Use workshop focused on building mental resilience and enhancing personal and professional effectiveness, empowering participants to recognize and overcome mental saboteurs and cultivating a positive mindset for personal and professional success.

Human resource professionals attended Extension’s Employee Engagement and Retention workshop to address strategies for improving employee satisfaction and reducing turnover. Participants explored effective practices for fostering a positive work environment, creating esprit de corps and a shared vision to help retain talent. 

AUA Extension continues to explore the most challenging issues in today’s workplace and remains steadfast in its mission of fostering lifelong learning and empowering individuals to reach their full potential.

AUA Extension is the non-degree arm of the American University of Armenia (AUA), offering certificate programs, courses and workshops especially geared to meeting the educational needs of individuals from diverse backgrounds, occupations, and professional pursuits. Extension works closely with governmental organizations and corporate entities to identify the specific training areas that must be met. To address those expressed needs, AUA Extension designs and develops a wide range of courses, including language classes, test preparation courses, and professional development workshops in demand, revisited annually. Through its regional centers across Armenia, AUA Extension brings a rich learning curriculum to local residents for them to thrive and aptly contribute to the development of their communities. Additionally, AUA Extension provides testing services on behalf of various international standardized tests for college admission and professional certification.