AUA ACE-Nepal Meeting

AUA Acopian Center Hosts Delegation From Nepal

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YEREVAN, Armenia In order to foster global cooperation in environmental sustainability, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MFA) of the Republic of Armenia hosted a delegation from Nepal. As part of the visit, the MFA facilitated a meeting between the delegation and the American University of Armenia (AUA) Acopian Center for the Environment to discuss Armenia’s ongoing environmental initiatives and research capacities, exchanging valuable insights on the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and environmental practices.

The meeting with the AUA Acopian Center, initiated at the behest of the MFA, was within the framework of a twinning program between Armenia and Nepal on the Voluntary National Reviews (VNR) for the SDGs. The delegation included representatives from the Nepalese national government, parliament, local governments, civil-society organizations, and academia.   

The director of the AUA Acopian Center, Alen Amirkhanian, provided the delegation with an overview of the University and ongoing projects at the Center. Both countries share geographical characteristics: landlocked, predominantly mountainous, and upstream on water resources. These similarities extend to climate-related challenges, particularly those impacting the environment and water resources, which are linked to the economic prospects of both countries. 

Participants engaged in a fruitful exchange of ideas, sharing experiences and lessons learned in pursuit of sustainable development. Topics ranged from biodiversity conservation to renewable energy solutions, highlighting the diverse array of approaches and challenges of both countries.

The meeting served as a first-ever opportunity to discuss deepening academic exchanges between Armenia and Nepal on environmental and sustainability topics, including student and faculty mobility and joint research. 

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