Dr. Jrbashyan's Presentation

MBA Hosts Guest Lecture Featuring Ameria’s Dr. Tigran Jrbashyan

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YEREVAN, Armenia — On April 23, the American University of Armenia (AUA) Master of Business Administration (MBA) program organized a guest lecture session with Dr. Tigran Jrbashyan, partner and head of Ameria Management Advisory Services, titled “Entrepreneurship in Armenia and the Significance of Global Entrepreneurship Monitor (GEM).” The session’s main focus was Armenia’s representation in global efforts to analyze entrepreneurship, aiming to enhance the nation’s visibility and emphasize the importance of industry-academia collaboration.

During the session, Dr. Jrbashyan, one of Armenia’s leading management advisory experts with over 25 years of experience, explored the dynamics of entrepreneurship in Armenia, starting from understanding societal perceptions to exploring entrepreneurial motivations.

Dr. Jrbashyan stressed the significance of GEM analysis for Armenia and provided insights on the GEM Armenia National Report. Since 2019, Ameria Management Consulting Service is the exclusive partner of Global Entrepreneurship Research Association in Armenia. In 2019, the first in-depth and comprehensive surveys of the entrepreneurship sector in Armenia were carried out within the framework of GEM’s annual highly regarded global surveys. Referring to the past, he discussed the ongoing activities for the upcoming GEM analysis and emphasized its importance as a global benchmark.

Armenia’s inclusion in the GEM project enhances its global visibility, underscoring the nation’s entrepreneurial spirit. In the 2019/20 report, Armenia ranked sixth highest in Total early-stage Entrepreneurial Activity among 50 countries, with 28% of the adult population involved in early-stage or established businesses. The analysis also showcased favorable social values toward entrepreneurship, with 87.2% of Armenians considering starting a business a desirable career choice.

Dr. Jrbashyan also outlined challenges such as limited entrepreneurial education and the need for improved government programs to support innovation. He concluded by advocating for strengthened industry-academia collaboration to foster knowledge transfer and innovative growth. In recognition of this, MBA Program Chair and Associate Professor Dr. Mane Beglaryan was invited to partake in the GEM survey as one of the 36 experts for the component focused on country conditions and their impact on entrepreneurship.

The MBA guest lecture session highlighted the importance of Armenia’s participation in GEM, providing valuable insights into the nation’s entrepreneurial landscape. Dr. Jrbashyan emphasized the need for industry-academia collaboration to address key challenges, encourage innovation, and promote sustainable growth, ultimately positioning Armenia on a path toward greater global recognition and competitiveness.

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