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Assistant Professor Dr. Arshak Balayan Releases Book on Moral Philosophy

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YEREVAN, Armenia — The American University of Armenia (AUA) proudly announces that Assistant Professor Dr. Arshak Balayan has authored a groundbreaking new book titled Moral Philosophy: Methods, Theories and Problems, funded by The Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation and published by the Yerevan State University Publishing House. The author brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to this endeavor. His earlier work, Philosophy: Abridged Lectures, has been widely recognized and is utilized as a philosophy textbook across various Armenian universities, attesting to the extensive scholarship it advances in the field.

Moral Philosophy: Methods, Theories and Problems is a comprehensive exploration of the intricacies of moral philosophy, encompassing the methods, theories, and select problems, masterly arranged in three interrelated sections. The book represents a significant addition to the field of philosophy in Armenia. It promises to engage a wide-ranging audience, from philosophy students to emerging political scientists, lawyers, public policy specialists, and other scholars interested in the study of critical issues shaping our social and political landscape. 

The book serves as a gateway for Armenian readers to delve into the world of leading contemporary Anglo-American philosophers, many of whom are introduced to Armenian audiences for the first time through Dr. Balayan’s work. This cross-cultural exchange is bound to enrich the intellectual discourse in Armenia and provide fresh perspectives on perpetual moral questions. Moral Philosophy: Methods, Theories and Problem is an inaugural handbook of moral philosophy in Armenian, to be created in the tradition of analytic philosophy — a tradition of philosophy renowned for its precision and clarity of thought. The contemporary approach used in this publication ensures that readers gain a solid understanding of complex moral concepts without sacrificing depth or rigor.

Reflecting on the significance of his book, Dr. Balayan notes, “To develop a genuinely tolerant and democratic society, we need to get people seriously thinking about profound and perennial moral issues as well as their implications for contemporary social life. I hope my book contributes to this cause.”

Moral Philosophy: Methods, Theories and Problems by Dr. Arshak Balayan is a transformative academic work not only in the realm of philosophy, but also in its potential to stimulate critical discourse on the moral fabric of our society.

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