BAB Students Conduct Market Research
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BAB Students Conduct Market Research

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YEREVAN, Armenia — American University of Armenia (AUA) Manoogian Simone College of Business and Economics (CBE) Bachelor of Arts in Business (BAB) program students conducted marketing research for well-known companies in Armenia and abroad. These projects were completed as final course assignments for the Marketing Research course taught by Dr. Fanis Varvoglis. The course and final assignment gave students a broad foundation of knowledge and skills while cultivating in them hands-on experience in the field.

The Marketing Research course examines the role of market research in addressing marketing issues. Topics covered include problem formulation, research design, alternative data collection methods, sampling, and data analysis techniques. Students are required to complete both individual and group projects for this course. 

Specifically, the group research project aims at applying the concepts and techniques learned during the course to define and solve marketing problems for actual companies, and appropriately documenting, structuring, summarizing, visualizing, and presenting the data and findings from the research. In the Fall 2022 semester, Professor Varvoglis assigned students to groups of four to six to design and carry through their marketing research projects. The companies included Team Telecom, Dargett Craft Beer, Filandia, EPIC, Eatn’act, United Kitchen, and a company in Greece called Unicord. Each group formulated a marketing research question appropriate to the assigned company, determined the applicable research objectives and methods, and presented a project proposal for approval by Dr. Varvoglis. Subsequently, the groups started implementing the approved plan of data collection and analysis. Based on the results they reached, the groups developed recommendations for the respective companies. Each group also summarized the research findings and recommendations in a research report which they presented to the class at the end of the course.

Dr. Varvoglis remarked, “Senior-level students possess the knowledge, skills, and maturity to engage in real marketing, and that is what we do! As part of the course, they are required to conduct a research project by agreement with a company in Armenia or abroad. The process requires total immersion and full engagement in gathering and analyzing data that provide valuable information to the respective businesses.’’

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