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PSIA and BAPG Hold Students’ Creativity Evening

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YEREVAN, Armenia On February 14, 2022, the American University of Armenia (AUA) Political Science and International Affairs (PSIA) graduate program held the third Students’ Creativity Evening. This year, the event expanded to include students from the new Bachelor of Arts in Politics and Governance (BAPG). Throughout the evening, students showcased their talents and artistry through different creative expressions, from dance to stand-up performance.

In his opening remarks, PSIA Program Chair and Associate Professor Dr. Vahram Ter-Matevosyan noted, “During my 11 years of teaching at AUA, I have met many young people who told us about their creative skills. In December 2018, when we were about to finalize grades, I spotted one of our students sitting in the PSIA suite, drawing amazing pictures. That was Saten Harutyunyan (PSIA ‘20). She told me about her passion for drawing, which encouraged me to look for other PSIA students with distinct talents and skills.” 

Eventually, that led to the inaugural Students’ Creativity Evening in May 2019, whose success inspired another installment in February 2020. “This year, we are very glad to see that many BAPG students, who joined AUA last August, also decided to share their talents and skills,” he summed up.

Graduate student Emanuela Karamyan (PSIA ‘22) opened the evening with her piano rendition of Claude Debussy’s “Children’s Corner.” Later, an undergraduate exchange student from the American University of Central Asia, Aidin Turganbekov, displayed his vocal talent with a performance of Frank Sinatra’s “Fly Me to the Moon.” Gor Papikyan (BAPG ‘25) and Yuri Ghalachyan (BADS ‘25) performed a duet on the guitar.  

Subsequently, Ilona Tsakgikyan (PSIA ‘23) recited a monologue from Shakespeare’s “Hamlet,” while Gayane Manukyan (BAPG ‘25) recited Vahan Teryan’s “Garun.” Avetis Harutyunyan (PSIA ‘22) brought laughter to the audience with his stand-up comedy show. The moderators of the event, Alina Hovhannisyan (PSIA ‘22) and Nare Sukiasyan (PSIA ‘22), charmed the audience with their duet performance: Alina exhibited her paintings and played Komitas-Andreasyan’s “Garun a” on the piano while Nare danced to the tune. Ilona Tsakgikyan and Alina Vardanyan (PSIA ‘23) then presented a video about the PSIA program and what PSIA professors like the most in their students. 

The second half of the event comprised a photo and painting display by Anna Grigoryan (PSIA ‘22),  Meline Hayrapetyan (PSIA ‘22), Anahit Budaghyan (PSIA ‘22), Ruzanna Erzrumyan (BAPG ‘25), and Irina Baldatyan (BAPG ‘25), in addition to a cooking demonstration by Anush Badalyan (BAPG ‘25). This year, Laura Prokic, lecturer and chair of the Open Center of Excellence for Leadership and Governance, also participated, exhibiting the photographs she had taken in Gambia during her service as a volunteer in the Peace Corps.  

The Political Science and International Affairs (PSIA) program of the American University of Armenia (AUA) equips students with advanced analytical reasoning, critical thinking, and communication skills through the study of political science and international affairs, emphasizing local and global perspectives and practical applications of theory. The program provides world-class teaching and research, producing graduates who can best contribute to the development of the nation.