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Six AUA Students Win 2021 Presidential Award in IT

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YEREVAN, Armenia — The American University of Armenia (AUA) is delighted to announce that six AUA students have received the 2021 ‘Annual Education Award for the Best Students in the field of IT’. Guided by the motto “Discover the best, inspire the next,” the main purpose of this annual event is to recognize and encourage the best in the field of information technology. The criteria for this student recognition award include high academic record, active participation in IT, science olympiads, and competitions, authorship of scientific articles, and active engagement in community projects and programs.

The award ceremony was attended by Deputy Minister of Education, Science, Culture and Sport Karen Trchunyan, Deputy Minister of High-Tech Industry Davit Sahakyan, Chief Executive Co-Chair of Synopsys Chi-Fun Chan, and other state officials and guests.

This year 102 students from the following universities took part in the award ceremony: Yerevan State University; Armenian National Polytechnic University; American University of Armenia; Armenian-Russian University; European University; and Armenian State Pedagogical University.

Statements by the winning AUA students are presented below under their respective award categories:

The Best Bachelor’s Student

Aram Sargsyan (MSCIS ‘23) — I category

Aram Sargsyan“AUA, and especially the Akian College of Science and Engineering, shaped my professional career and growth. At AUA I was given many opportunities to try myself, to get better, to put forward or advance new ideas and always stay motivated. I strongly believe that AUA gives you the necessary skills and knowledge, and if you use them correctly, you will succeed. One of my recent achievements is ‘The Best Bachelor’s Degree Student Award’ in the field of IT, which is a checkpoint indicating that I am on the right track and should move forward and keep getting better. It is also very motivating because I know that I am valued, that my efforts are being recognized.”

Susanna Avagyan (BSDS ‘22) — II category

Susanna Avagyan“Receiving the ‘The Best Bachelor’s Degree Student Award’ at the State Educational Awards in the field of IT means that my achievements don’t only matter to me. It means that students with potential are not left unnoticed; student success is celebrated, valued, and promoted. This also places greater responsibility on me to realize that potential, and most importantly, realize it for the benefit of our country. I think awards like this have a long-term effect and are much more than an accolade or trophy. The real outcome of those awards will be observed through the impact these students make in the world.”

The Best Master’s Student

Artur Dovlatyan (MSCIS ’22) — I category

Artur Dovlatyan“My journey at AUA taught me that one doesn’t need to be the next Bill Gates or Steve Jobs. One can easily be successful in one’s career without reaching fame and still do work that will influence the lives of millions or even billions of people. Through my studies, I gained the will and tools to help improve other people’s lives.  I would call my career a success as long as another person can derive a benefit from it.” 

Irina Tirosyan (MSCIS ‘21) — II category

Irina Tirosyan“AUA has directly impacted my current achievements and has shaped a big part of who I am today. Earning my degree not only helped me get my foot in the door to start a career but also exposed me to a network of like-minded individuals. Receiving the ‘The Best Master’s Degree Student Award’ at the State Educational Awards in the field of IT is an honor for me and an indicator that I am on the right track. It feels like a validation that I have made the right choices and serves as a reminder for me to stay on track.”

The Best Diasporan Student

Dalita Artin Avanesian (MSCIS ‘22) — I category

Dalita Avanesian“It’s a huge honor to receive ‘The Best Diasporan Student Award’ at the State Educational Awards in the field of IT. This means everything to me. It means that my years of hard work and dedication have paid off. I’m very honored to be recognized and appreciated. I’m grateful to my amazing university, AUA, to my wonderful professors, to my dear family for years of help and encouragement. I’m thankful to every single person who has granted me an opportunity in the field of computer science. This award will remind me that I still have to work hard, grow more, continue having that thirst for knowledge, become a better professional for my country, and contribute to the development of the IT industry.”

Nareg Najarian (MSCIS ‘21) — II category

Nareg Najarian“For me, the award celebrates the effect, but I like to cherish the cause. Receiving ‘The Best Diasporan Student Award’ is a direct compliment to AUA and its faculty. My instructors took me on as a good student and turned me into the best. No matter how much trouble or knowledge gap I had, when I showed interest and willingness to learn, I received endless support to reach success.”

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