Nareg Najarian

Nareg Najarian (MSCIS ‘21): Cherishing the Cause

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Nareg Najarian (MSCIS ‘21) is a recent graduate of the American University of Armenia (AUA). One of his latest achievements is winning ‘The Best Diasporan Student Award’ he received at the State Educational Awards in the Field of IT. Below Nareg reflects on his experience at AUA, the significance of the award, and more.

There’s a relationship that is worth pinpointing. It is the dynamics between the university and its students. The first is an empty building without the latter, and the second is a lost opportunity without the former. At least that’s how I see it. I felt like an inseparable part of AUA, and I believe it brought out the best of me when I studied there.

For me, the award celebrates the effect, but I like to cherish the cause. Receiving ‘The Best Diasporan Student Award’ is a direct compliment to AUA and its faculty. My instructors took me on as a good student and turned me into the best. No matter how much trouble or knowledge gap I had, when I showed interest and willingness to learn, I received endless support to reach success.

AUA is a university that transforms its students to achieve their full potential. The knowledge and skills it delivers are not obsolete but serve as a cornerstone that led to my career change. The CIS program paved the path from architecture to backend engineering at VMware.

Not willing to make education a thing of the past, I am currently a TA for the Computer Graphics course at AUA. That’s how I stay in touch with the institution that invaded my heart, trying to give back what my professors so skillfully gave me.

I can’t lavish enough praise on my education at AUA, but I can attest to the success of my professors in leading the way for me and will hold them dear for all the years to come.

As for my friends who made all this possible, I have already expressed my gratitude in person. I know I was supposed to talk about the award I received, but I’ll leave you to think about the other awards:

‘Best University’,

‘Best Instructors’, and

‘Best Friends’… I sincerely thank you all.