Gohar Dadayan

Making an Impact Through Lifelong Learning

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Gohar Dadayan (CTr. ‘17) is an American University of Armenia (AUA) alumna with a Graduate Certificate in Translation. She is the head of the Foreign Languages Center at the National Defense Research University (NDRU) of the Republic of Armenia with over ten years’ experience at the Ministry of Defense. 

Prior to attending AUA, Gohar completed degrees in Foreign Language Teaching and in Political Analysis and Management from the Public Administration Academy of the Republic of Armenia. She had selected those fields of study with the aim of acquiring the necessary knowledge and tools to be able to navigate the discipline and structured routine in the military. Gohar believes that the analytical skills she acquired studying Political Management and the interpretation skills she gained at AUA gave her the necessary competences to succeed in her current position and effectively manage her multiple tasks within the Ministry of Defense. 

“I consider myself a lifelong learner. I believe one should always learn something new to adapt to our fast-paced and ever-changing environment. My sphere of work requires me to be smart and take on challenging assignments and complete them successfully. I always aim to push my limits and prepare myself to tackle new challenges,” remarks Gohar.

According to Gohar, AUA was an important step in her career for multiple reasons. The quality of education and the constructive competitiveness of the University were two factors that led her choice. While her AUA journey was challenging, she believes it made her more mature and skillful.

In her position as head of the Foreign Language Center, Gohar works to provide general English and military English language courses to senior officers, with content specifically designed from strategic aspects and operational requirements. Knowledge of English is important to break down barriers in communication, particularly for senior military personnel who work in humanitarian and peacekeeping operations on behalf of Armenia. Although the program is still in its early stages of development, Gohar is working on creating the appropriate curriculum and feels honored to have the opportunity to contribute in this domain.

Gohar’s willingness to give back and contribute to her community developed from a young age. Originally from Artsakh, Gohar was taught that love for one’s motherland must be demonstrated through actions, not words. She realized that the only path to have real change was through education and hard work. 

“Gaining broad knowledge is an important way to ensure a bright future for Armenia. Our future relies on the commitment of our citizens who are willing to do their best for the country. I am the first person in my family who chose the military path to achieve my goal. I am not sure if this comes from my roots or my ambitious and competitive spirit, but I know that compared to our soldiers, who put their lives at risk to secure our peace, this is the best I can do.” 

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