Marlena Hovsepyan
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Marlena Hovsepyan (MEIESM ‘14) Embraces Growth in Her Career Journey

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Seven years ago, after majoring in Industrial Engineering and Systems Management at the American University of Armenia (AUA), Marlena Hovsepyan (MEIESM ‘14) began her career at Ayb Educational Foundation by spending almost four years as a project coordinator. “I was lucky enough to get a job in a renowned foundation right after graduating from the University. You never know how well you are capable of handling a position you barely have any experience in until you are trusted to do the job and there is no way you are going to let the opportunity slip from your hands.” Marlena not only managed to show professionalism, but also made rapid advancement in her career. Currently, she works as an operational planning supervisor for Coca-Cola Hellenic Bottling Company. Marlena’s challenge has never been in the process of finding a job. She has always had a purpose in her career and strived to reach it by looking to her education and constantly developing her professional and personal skill set. “I always know AUA gave me the knowledge and skills that helped me overcome the challenges every beginner faces in their career path. It is important to stay grateful and continue building your expertise by using what your University gave you as the perfect starting point.”

We often hear complaints about how difficult it is to find a job in Armenia. Many professionals complain that there are not enough opportunities for growth even if one has a job that would be considered honorable in other countries. We discussed this way of thinking with Marlena. “From my point of view, the struggle is real, however there is a solution to every problem. It is true that job satisfaction is not full when you do not feel appreciated in different ways (including financial), however AUA taught me that the most successful people are adaptive and creative enough to turn the challenge they are facing into an opportunity.” She goes on to say that this one skill has always been the light at the end of her career-path tunnel. “I greatly enjoy the feeling of growth. My plan is to become a business-strategy shaper in the next few years. I have already managed to change three positions within the same company a few years and I am sure that my determination and hard work will help me grow even further.” When asked what the secret to such rapid growth is, Marlena replies with a witty smile, “Knowing how to learn. I am not suggesting it comes easily to everyone, but with the right guidance you finally reach a point where learning something new is no longer a problem, but a challenge to overcome in order to reach your desired goal.”

Marlena also recalls the classes with one of her favorite AUA professors, Daniel Ghevondyan. “I hope all Armenian companies require their workers to use the skills that Professor Ghevondyan would consistently remind us of. The professionalism levels in Armenia would grow significantly and we would have a much happier society.” She enumerates some of the skills, putting the main focus on a person’s ability to plan strategically and discuss an idea from different perspectives before making a decision. 

As a wrap-up, we asked Marlena to share some advice with current AUA students and ambitious Armenian youth trying to achieve their goals. “The thought that always gives me comfort is that no one can take my knowledge away from me. This is why I recommend taking the opportunities given to you seriously and enjoying your challenging and most memorable student years. Every course you take is important (even the minors). Trust me, you will understand this yourselves one day.”

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