Aram Adamyan in the military

Modern Hero: From Frontline to Data Science

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Contributed by Aram Adamyan (BSDS ’24)

We live in the age of information, it’s everywhere, and we need to process, analyze and use that information for global development, healthcare, education, and business. And the person who has control of all of this is the data scientist. After graduating from Ayb school in 2018, I was determined to continue my studies at the best university in Armenia. I chose the American University of Armenia, the first and the only university back then which had a bachelor’s degree program in data science. 

I interrupted my education to serve in the army and was in the frontline during the Artsakh war. Participating in the war is only a small act of patriotism. With a solid profession in data science, I want to have a significant contribution in the tech field of Armenia, especially in bioinformatics, which is a newly developing sphere that would need a lot of research. To understand the past, evaluate the present, and predict my country’s future, we need data. And people like me must use the available data to correct the mistakes of the past and to create a country we all want to have.

Life in the Military 

For having served faithfully and scrupulously, I received many badges (medals), awards, letters of appreciation, and certificates during my two-year service. But what I value most is the respect that I have gained from my commanders and fellow soldiers. 

I have two artillery badges, one as 3rd class artillerist, and the other as an artillery specialist, both of which I received after my first six months of training in the Republic of Armenia. I received the others in Artsakh in the following year and a half and after the war for my acts of bravery. 

The recent war had a massive impact on my life; it made me recognize my physical, emotional, and mental limits while functioning under extreme circumstances. I know what it means to risk your life to save a friend; I know that losing a friend is real; I know how to overcome fear; and most importantly, I understand the value of life. My worldview has changed a lot. What I have seen there I wouldn’t even wish for my enemy to see. Having survived every hardship and conquered every challenge with God’s blessings, I believe there is nothing in life that would be more stressful and difficult. Every challenge or obstacle will be a matter of time to overcome. 

I regard the experience gained from military service essential. We enter service as teenagers and leave as adults. We live on our land surrounded by enemies who want to erase our culture, destroy our monuments and kill our people to take over our holy land. We are obliged to learn how to protect our country. Every Armenian must know how to use a weapon to protect our land and to defend our rights to live in our motherland. I am a citizen of Lebanon, and I have lived there for ten years. I know the value of a homeland, the feeling of belonging, and I don’t want to lose that. 

My brother Gabriel, an AUA CS student, is now in Artsakh, serving in the army. I send my prayers to all the soldiers standing at the borders. I wish to tell them that they are not serving politicians or government administrators who have betrayed us. They are doing it for their family, for themselves, and their future kids. So, let them be healthy, and God bless them all.

Back to Student Life

I am now in the 2nd semester of my freshman year, majoring in Data Science and getting acquainted with my new life. And I am catching up with my new routine. At the start of the spring semester, I got an email from the AUA Office of Financial Aid about the full coverage of my tuition for this semester through the Manoogian Simone Foundation. I am very grateful to Ms. Christine Simone for her generosity which will allow me to concentrate on my studies. The aid was also given to all the students from Artsakh who were impacted by the war.

In my career, I know that success will not be handed to me. I will come across many downfalls and failures, but with hard work and dedication, I will tackle every problem I face. This is true for all careers. It’s essential to aim for the stars to land on the moon. The same happens in real life. Don’t be afraid of failing; instead, believe in rising again with more strength and intelligence every time you fall. This is how you can attain glory. As long as you are alive, you can make up for everything except for lost time. Value every second of your life and make it count! 

I am planning to earn a bachelor’s degree in Data Science, continue my education in bioinformatics, and initiate a startup that will, in some way, contribute to the development of my country and strengthen our national defense. I think this area needs improvement; having been a part of the military system, I have a clearer idea of the limitations of the army and the weak spots that need improvement.  

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