Hovsep Kanadyan receiving Incentive Award from RA President Sarkissian

Hovsep Kanadyan (M PSIA ‘20) Wins Presidential Incentive Award

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The American University of Armenia (AUA) is proud to share that recent AUA graduate Hovsep Kanadyan (M PSIA ‘20) has won an ‘incentive award’ by the President of the Republic of Armenia (RA), Armen Sarkissian, for his article titled “Why is the Middle East Important for Russia?”

RA President Sarkissian launched a student competition entailing a series of online lectures in an effort to support the continuity of education through distance learning. Students were challenged to apply their knowledge and research skills in an article within their area of interest. Over 50 works were submitted to the President’s Office. The authors of the selected winning works were hosted at the Presidential Residence, where they received various prizes, such as books and computers. President Sarkissian enthusiastically recognized the young scholars, encouraging them to “Keep creating and working. It will not only be interesting and useful for you, but it will also give you satisfaction.”

“I am thankful not only for the award, but also for the initiative itself. I am sure that these kinds of competitions are very motivational for students,” Kanadyan said during the award ceremony. President Sarkissian congratulated him on presenting such a compelling and interesting piece and encouraged him to continue working on the topic. 

Hovsep Kanadyan’s winning piece explores relevant subject matter in contemporary global politics. His research goes beyond the reasons underlying Russia’s interest in the Middle East, examining the various channels through which Russia secures its presence in the region. “Moscow has aspired to challenge the US-led unipolar world order and to have its say in world affairs, and the Middle East is but one of the potential stages to accomplish such goals.” To ensure its presence in the region, Russia maintains “a dialogue practically with any state and non-state actors in the region,” while using a combination of economic and military ties.

Hovsep plans to apply for PhD studies in the future. He is currently considering his various interests, ranging from Russian studies, foreign and domestic politics of Armenia, to conflict studies and the Middle East.

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