Meet Two EPIC Startups: Feedle and uPass

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This Fall, the Entrepreneurship and Product Innovation Center (EPIC) of the American University of Armenia (AUA) welcomed the 5th batch of venture startup teams to the EPIC business incubator. The program offers the participants a 12-week intensive idea-stage incubation training to shape their ventures, validate their business ideas, and build their business models. Having full access to AUA resources, the teams will participate in workshops, receive counseling and mentoring from seasoned entrepreneurs, AUA faculty, and alumni.

EPIC introduces two of the eight startups from EPIC’s Fall 2019 batch: Feedle and uPass. These ventures are designed to offer innovative solutions in pet feeding and keyless entry to facilities. 

Reaching out to AUA’s Network of Supporters and Friends 

EPIC is reaching out to the AUA network of contacts seeking support for these ventures. If you have experience in any of these industries or have contacts in similar platforms that connect customers and vendors, you may be the right person to help us out. If you know of any potential partners or collaborators, EPIC would welcome hearing from you. EPIC strives to support, connect, and advance its startup ventures. Please contact EPIC at [email protected].

Brief Profiles of Feedle and uPass

Feedle is an innovative pet feeder app that is designed to feed pets, dogs and cats, using the Internet of Things (IoT) technology when the owner is physically away from home. With a smart-built pet feeder, Feedle will refresh the pet’s water and give food at a specific time that can be regulated by the app. Feedle provides features that can be customized to the special needs of the user, such as scheduling and apportionment of food for different breeds of dogs and cats.

uPass allows keyless entry into secured facilities with a simple swipe of an embedded patch. The electronic patch is applied onto the skin providing simple and innovative remote access to authorized facilities.

The Entrepreneurship and Product Innovation Center (EPIC) is a platform of the American University of Armenia (AUA) for promoting entrepreneurial education, cross-disciplinary collaboration, and startup venture incubation. EPIC provides an ecosystem for emerging entrepreneurs consisting of first-class facilities and collaborative workspace, programs and events, and a network of mentors, advisors, and investors. EPIC fosters the understanding and application of entrepreneurship in students and faculty at AUA to craft high-impact multidisciplinary ventures.