Tatevik Revazian

Tatevik Revazian Advises AUA Students to Pursue Their Dreams

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YEREVAN, Armenia – On September 10, 2019, Tatevik Revazian, chair of the Civil Aviation Committee of the Republic of Armenia (RA), visited the American University of Armenia (AUA) to share her experience with AUA students. The event was initiated by the Entrepreneurship and Product Innovation Center (EPIC) and hosted by the Speak-up Club at the Student Union. The theme of her talk was “The Sky is NOT the Limit.” 

Revazian shared her personal and professional experience from the perspective of a person who is passionate about aviation. That passion, she noted, started at the age of 19 when she was hired to work at the Copenhagen Airport. She talked about taking on this highly responsible position and moving on in her career. She also spoke about her vision of Civil Aviation in Armenia. 

To motivate the participants, Revazian started her talk with a video of the commencement address from her graduation day where the keynote speaker spoke about Solar Airplanes that seemed to be impossible to build at that time, but they do exist now. Revazian stated that to be successful people need education, perseverance and a network. Later, she added that luck is another prerequisite for success and elaborated with a story about her first job at the Copenhagen Airport. She had applied for the job even though she did not meet one of the requirements, knowledge of French. Luckily, she was interviewed by someone who couldn’t check her language skills, so Revazian was hired. On the job, it turned out that her knowledge of Russian was more helpful in advancing through a successful career path. 

Revazian’s journey started with dreams that seemed impossible at the time. She had dreamt of working at the airport, wearing the uniform, and having the capacity to convince airlines to fly to Armenia. One by one, her dreams have come true: as the chair of the Civil Aviation Committee she now has the authority to negotiate with airlines to fly to Armenia.

When asked if she regrets taking the position as it is a big responsibility with a small salary, Revazian explained: “Now I can change things from within. It is more effective than continuing working in a private company and trying to change something from outside.” 

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