PSIA studentsHeghine Poghosyan, Saten Harutyunyan, Alvina Saakyan
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PSIA Students’ Creativity Evening Held at AUA

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YEREVAN, Armenia – On May 2, 2019, the American University of Armenia (AUA) Political Science and International Affairs (PSIA) program celebrated the inaugural PSIA Students’ Creativity Evening. The event showcased the talent and artistry of PSIA students beyond the classroom. During the evening, the students displayed their creations ranging from storytelling to drawing, to minimalistic photos and music.

Among the participants were first-year graduate students Saten Harutyunyan, Heghine Poghosyan, and Alvina Saakyan. Harutyunyan presented the heart-warming storybook she wrote and illustrated. She also displayed several paintings she had created and shared the stories behind each, noting: “Small details of the character that people possess make them different from others giving them a unique personality; by using minor elements in my works I have tried to give an individuality to all of them.”

Poghosyan then took the floor to present her minimalistic photos. She also shared a few stories on what triggered her to take minimalistic photos and how she started doing that. According to her, “minimalism is freedom – freedom of mind and imagination.”

The evening was fulfilled with the unique music that Saakyan produced by singing and playing ukulele, a four-string guitar. She remarked: “Playing and singing is kind of a meditation for me because I believe that the vibrations coming from the instrument and from your throat when singing give you something, clear your mind, and calm you down.”

The event was an ideal opportunity to explore the students’ talents and showcase what they are up to aside from their studies. Everyone interested in the pictures exhibited during the event are welcome to view them at the Turpanjian Center for Policy Analysis (TCPA) library and get acquainted with the newly discovered art of PSIA students.

The AUA PSIA program equips students with advanced analytical reasoning, critical thinking, and communication skills through the study of political science and international affairs, emphasizing local and global perspectives and practical applications of theory. The program aims to provide world-class research and teaching, through which graduates can best contribute to the development of the nation.