Araks Karapetyan
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BAB Students Become Part of Erasmus+ Community at University of Almeria, Spain

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The American University of Armenia (AUA) Bachelor of Arts in Business (BAB) sophomore students Milena Poghosyan and Araks Karapetyan are currently at the University of Almeria, Spain, spending their spring 2019 semester as Erasmus+ exchange students. The students have been away from AUA for the last five months, and it is exciting to hear from them regarding their experience abroad.

While adapting to the new learning environment at the University of Almeria, AUA students cannot help noticing how AUA has prepared them to be adaptable and competitive in an international environment. Due to the group projects, presentations, and interactive teaching methods used at AUA the students have acquired skills that are helping them to excel in their new and unfamiliar environment. The girls pointed out that it was a lot easier for them to demonstrate good academic performance at the University of Almeria given that English is the language of instruction at AUA.

The students summed up their experience as follows: “We are terribly happy that in Armenia there is a university like AUA that prepares its students to face the challenges they may come across in an international environment.”

Along with making progress in their studies, the girls have integrated into the diverse community of Erasmus+ exchange students  in Almeria. As there are many exchange students studying at the university, AUA students are making friends with people from different countries and becoming a part of the larger Erasmus+ community.

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