A Two-Volume Set “The Armenian Genocide: Prelude and Aftermath” Donated to AGBU Papazian Library

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YEREVAN, Armenia – The AGBU Papazian Library has recently received a gift of a two-volume set titled “The Armenian Genocide: Prelude and Aftermath,” a new publication by the Mekhitarist Congregation (2018).

“The compilers Ara Ketibian and Father Vahan Ohanian have made the documentary materials more readily available to all who wish and need to learn about the roots, deadly deeds and enduring consequences of the Armenian Massacres and Genocide,” wrote Alan Whitehorn, Emeritus Professor of Political Science at the Royal Military College of Canada, in the introduction to these volumes.

The present two-volume set is part of a comprehensive publication that features extensive accounts by American newspapers of the fate of Armenians from 1890 to 1922 in the Ottoman Empire. The larger project will involve ten books that systematically document the accounts by six leading American newspapers: The New York Times, The Boston Daily Globe, The Chicago Tribune, The Christian Science Monitor, The Los Angeles Times, and The Washington Post.

Materials included in these volumes incorporate news reports and analyses in annotated and edited format concerning the Armenian Question, in general, and the Armenian Genocide, in particular.  The first two volumes cover The New York Times of 1890-1914 and 1915-1922, respectively.

“The volumes are a product of painstaking work collecting and presenting original documents and personal accounts by those who lived through the atrocities of those years. Though there are many earlier publications on the subject, there is a great deal to discover in these new volumes. This set will be invaluable for researchers as a source of factual accounts and statistics, and for all those who are interested in learning more about human history,” remarked Satenik Avakian.

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