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AUA BAB Student Petros Margaryan Shares His Erasmus+ Mobility Experience

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Petros Margaryan (BAB ’19) has just returned from France having studied a semester at SKEMA Business School within the framework of the Erasmus+ mobility project. His expectations, experiences, and advice to future applicants are presented below:

What expectations did you have prior to starting your studies abroad?

Overall, the experience of studying abroad was very beneficial. Prior to visiting France, I already had high expectations for studying at SKEMA. Most of them were met. In addition, I had the opportunity to see the wonderful French Riviera in Nice, Monaco, and Cannes, to become familiar with the peculiar French culture, as well as to get acquainted with a new student community.

What is one difference you noticed between education at SKEMA and education at AUA?

I didn’t notice any significant differences between education at SKEMA and at AUA. Both use similar systems and follow the same procedures during semesters. However, the application of this system is much more effective for AUA because the level of the bachelor students is considerably higher at AUA. In my opinion, the higher level of education is directly connected with the attitude of AUA students toward education.

What was the most important lesson you learned there?

The most important lesson learned during the study abroad program is that you need to adapt to every community which you are a part of, but maintain your unique personality and values. This will help you to fit in, to achieve your goals, and to be more flexible. At the same time, you need to completely rely on yourself but “take” something from opportunities, people, and one-of-a-kind situations in which you have the luck or misfortune to be.

What advice would you give to prospective mobility students?

Now, as I have just finished my study abroad program, I advise future applicants to do preliminary research about the receiving institution and about life in nearby areas, and to talk with locals in order to have reality-based expectations. This can help to start the mobility without much stress and can save a lot of time.

Why are such programs important for students?

It is difficult to describe the importance of such opportunities. In my opinion, it is even more difficult to assess its significance during the exchange period. I firmly believe that one can only appreciate the value of studying abroad after finishing it and returning back home. However, one thing is apparent. Looking back to the four months spent in France, I would recommend students participate in a study abroad program because it enhances their mindset and opens doors for students to achieve their professional goals.  

What are your future plans?

In the near future I plan to concentrate on my senior year at AUA and on entering a university abroad for completing my master’s degree. In the long term, I plan to build a career in finance with the aim of finding a decent job in Armenia. Working in Armenia will help me to contribute to the long revolutionary process currently emerging in Armenia and to make my country a better place to live.

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