Meghrigian Institute for Preventive Ophthalmology Works with Schoolchildren in Artsakh

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Garo Meghrigian Institute for Preventive Ophthalmology (Meghrigian Institute) conducted a project aimed at reducing the incidence of avoidable blindness and visual impairment among school children living in Kashatagh from fall 2016 to March 2017. Kashatagh is one of the eight provinces of Artsakh and the largest by area.  The living conditions and the situation in the health sector in Kashatagh are among the harshest in Artsakh.

The staff of the Meghrigian Institute visited Berdzor, Tsaghkaberd, Urekan, and Martunashen to carry out eye screenings among schoolchildren.  Meghrigian Institute selected five schools from the list of schools in Kashatagh taking into account the number of children enrolled in each school.  Overall, 453 schoolchildren participated in the eye screenings.  All children diagnosed with eye pathologies received free ophthalmic consultation about their diagnosis and further treatment.  Twenty four children who had refractive errors received eye glasses from the Meghrigian Institute.

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