AUA Lecturer Viken Berberian and French Illustrator Yann Kebbi Publish Graphic Novel

AUA lecturer and writer Viken Berberian and French illustrator Yann Kebbi have recently published a 336-page graphic novel in France titled “La Structure est Pourrie, Camarade” (The Structure is Rotten, Comrade), Editions Actes Sud. During its first week of publication, the book received rave reviews in the national weekly Le Point and the daily, Le Monde.

Berberian and Kebbi capture the story of Frunz, an architect bent on destroying heritage buildings. Mathias Enard, who reviewed the book for Le Monde des Livres, praised the authors for their hilarious humor and energy. The book will be presented at Centre Pompidou in June and is available in bookstores in France, Switzerland, Belgium, and Canada.

Link to publisher Actes Sud:

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