AUA’s Math and Writing Center Opens its Doors to Graduate Students!

IMG_4955-555x408YEREVAN, Armenia— The American University of Armenia (AUA) campus is no stranger to innovative spaces, cool corners, and neat learning environments. In fact, there is one place that combines two fundamental skill sets to help students excel in their academic life: math and writing. Welcome to AUA’s Math and Writing Center (MWC)!

It all began in 2013 when Garine Palandjian, Manager of Student Services, launched the Center for Student Success. The MWC was established to accompany the addition of undergraduate programs to the University, and six work-study students were hired to provide math and writing consultations.

The number of consultants has remained relatively consistent since the launch of MWC. Upon being hired, all work-study students are trained to be able to provide support to their peers successfully. Anna Aghlamazyan, as the Math and Writing Center Coordinator, guides the consultants with essential tips and tricks to prepare them for consultation sessions. The Center also hosts bi-weekly meetings throughout the academic year to ensure work-study students’ professional development.

In 2013-14 the Center assisted 425 students with math and writing consultations. Over the next two academic years, the numbers doubled reaching 861 and 821 (mainly freshmen). This month the Center is proud to announce that it will open its doors to graduate students as well, focusing on providing support in research, case studies, and publications.

In the spirit of peer tutoring and collaborative learning the Center will continue to organize workshops on helpful writing-related topics including: how to organize an essay, how to cite sources and avoid plagiarism, how to check if a thesis statement is effective, and how to edit and revise papers. We encourage all of our students who are eager to improve their math and writing skills to visit us soon! For more information about the Math and Writing Center click here.

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