Keeping up with our Alumni: Greta Avetisyan (MPSIA, 2014)

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Greta Avetisyan graduated from the Yerevan State University with a bachelor’s degree in English Language and Literature. Later on she was admitted to the American University of Armenia (AUA) and completed the Political Sciences and International Affairs program. Like much of the student body, Greta decided to continue her education at AUA because she knew it was the key to a career with which she could serve her country.

Originally Greta was thinking of being an Armenian ambassador and representing the country’s interests abroad. However, through her courses and experiences she quickly became aware of an equally strong need to stay in Armenia and work to provide accurate information and analysis about the political landscape and current events. Greta attributes her chosen career path to the well-rounded program and devoted professors at AUA. “My professors were interesting and very knowledgeable in the subjects they taught. It was due to them that I grew to become passionate about a completely new field.” This new sense of direction became a driving force for Greta, and since then her passions have become her career.

“While I was studying to receive my master’s degree, one of my professors at AUA made me aware of the The Voice of Youth Project of the European Integration NGO, which regularly organizes conferences, seminars, study groups, and research projects on youth issues. The project is composed of active young members who are willing to have their say on issues that affect the future of their country. While participating in a training here, I had the chance to meet representatives of Armedia Informational Analytical Agency. We worked together throughout the project and got to know one another, after which I was offered a job in their offices.”

When Greta began her work at Armedia, she started out as a journalist writing analytical articles. After rising up through the ranks, she was promoted to Editor of the English version where she works to the present day. “This job gives me the chance to think broader and more critically about every event or happening that takes place. Moreover, I realized that everything that an informational analytical agency does must be in the interest of the country it serves. In other words, our actions shouldn’t be based on a desire to increase our rating of the number of readers, but rather we should stay focused on accurately presenting any given situation with an objective analysis.”

In her studies at AUA, Greta’s professors always encouraged critical analysis and in-depth thinking toward all the reading material students were assigned. “Our professors were very invested. They really impressed upon us the fact that this degree was not something to be simply hung on our walls, but an education, which should be made relevant in Armenian life.”

Greta is excited to know that today AUA offers bachelor degree programs as well, and she encourages both undergraduate and graduate students to make the most of their education, to be responsible, to connect with their professors, to be engaged, and keep reaching for new heights.

“Nowadays I see a growing number of our youth that is educated and feels responsible for Armenia. That’s why I’m confident in our future.”


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