100 Pillars of AUA: The Foundation for a Stronger Armenia

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In the fall of 2015, AUA launched its 100 Pillars Program to identify a select group of 100 benefactors who would support the mission of the University in the most fundamental way—through unrestricted giving that will allow the growing institution to address its most pressing needs. Today, AUA is proud to announce 56 philanthropists, who, through their generosity, dedication, and faith in the University’s mission, have committed to building the foundation for a stronger Armenia through AUA’s further growth and development for educating future leaders of the country.

AUA’s Pillars are empowering the University’s faculty and students to provide them with the tools and resources necessary to excel. They understand the importance of supporting the University’s recruitment of international faculty, who are critical in connecting students to global issues and perspectives. The Pillars have confidence in AUA’s students, trusting that contemporary teaching practices will arm them with the skills they need for the future. They are confident that AUA graduates, who are equipped with the expertise they acquired in an ethical academic environment, will become the beacons of tomorrow and the foundation for Armenia’s future.

“We need to collectively encourage anything that is working well in Armenia. We need to give that little push, that positive reinforcement when something is working or has the potential to work in the country,” says Garo Armen, an AUA Pillar and founder of Children of Armenia Fund (COAF). “I feel very privileged to be a member of a group that promotes the growth and development of this admirable institution. If we deliver extraordinary education, we will help fulfill the dreams and continue the tradition of our 5000-year ancestry. With AUA we have an opportunity to accomplish this: let us not miss it.”

While most of the Pillars are Diasporan Armenians, AUA is delighted that a number of local business leaders also have become contributors to the program. Receiving support from those working and living in Armenia is a valuable and welcomed development; it sets an important example for the new generation in Armenia, who will step up and take an active role in country’s evolution. “Over the past 25 years, AUA has made a tremendous impact in Armenia. Now is the time that the local community gets involved and contributes toward this successful initiative and secures the sustainability of a remarkable institution in Armenia. As the Chairman of the Union of Armenian Industrialists and Businessmen, I am very proud to be one of the 100 Pillars of AUA from Armenia. I hope that my fellow Armenians will join me in this effort and do their part towards the betterment of our country by supporting AUA.” remarks Arsen Ghazaryan.

As the University’s 25th Anniversary Gala in Los Angeles approaches, AUA is looking forward to securing the remaining 44 Pillars to its elite group of 100 benefactors. We are thankful for these generous donors, who believe in AUA’s mission and in providing the brightest minds in Armenia with the necessary education to meet the country’s building of a strong and sustainable homeland.

To support the University by becoming one of the 100 Pillar of AUA, please contact the AUA Development Office by calling (510) 925-4282 or email to [email protected].