TCPA Research Associate Participates in a Study on Public Administration Reform in the Eastern Partnership Countries

YEREVAN, Armenia – A new study report  has been released by the European Commission on Public Administration Reform in the Eastern Partnership (EaP) countries. The study has been implemented by a team of researchers representing EaP countries. American University of Armenia (AUA) Turpanjian Center for Policy Analysis (TCPA) Research Associate Valentina Gevorgyan has served as a national expert representing Armenia.

The study focuses on components of the public administration reform, including financial decentralization, and improvement of legal and institutional framework for local democracy in the six EaP countries. The report presents the developments in the EaP countries in the field of public administration after 2012, identifies dimensions which can be analyzed and compared in a cross-country perspective, and discusses findings of the analysis in the context of the EU best practices.

In addition, the research provides recommendations for the EaP’s first multilateral platform on Democracy, Good Governance & Stability, which is aimed to improve governance in EaP countries’ public administration, and the EaP Civil Society Forum’s Public Administration Reform sub-group, which is aimed to ensure independent monitoring of public administration reforms in the EaP countries.The study has been implemented in the framework of the high-quality studies to support activities under the EaP project supported by the European Commission.

Valentina Gevorgyan holds Master’s degree in Political Science and International Affairs from AUA. Her academic interests focus on society-state relations, social policies and democratization processes of developing countries. Currently, she works as a research associate at the AUA TCPA.

The study report is available at:

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