Presentation by Samvel Martirosyan on the Information War

YEREVAN, Armenia – On April 9th, Media and IT Security Expert Samvel Martirosyan gave a presentation on the information war, where he advised the public on ways to protect themselves from falsified news received from various media outlets. This presentation was organized by the Undergraduate Student Council.

It is common for active social media users to rely on their newsfeed as a primary source of information, in addition to regular broadcasts from the TV or radio. In this current digital age, the influx of mixed media can be quite overwhelming, but it is vital to stay informed with the truth and prevent sharing the wrong information.

Samvel Martirosyan is an IT security specialist and media expert who was one of the primary sources of information during the recently escalated Karabakh conflict. Samvel is co-founder and director at His interests include lecturing and political analysis.  

The video of the presentation can be found at:

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