AUA Center for Responsible Mining Talks to Los Angeles Community

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PASADENA, California – On March 17th, the Armenian Engineers and Scientists of America (AESA) organized a talk on mining, connecting Director of the American university of Armenia (AUA) Center for Responsible Mining Alen Amirkhanian, via live feed from Yerevan, Armenia to an audience of 25 participants at Parson Engineering’s conference room in Pasadena, California.

Mr. Amirkhanian presented a brief overview of mining in Armenia and some of the key challenges facing the industry with respect to environmental, social, and economic sustainability.

His presentation displayed how Armenia’s mining sector has experienced rapid growth since mid 2000’s. Mr. Amirkhanian also presented research findings that support concerns raised by social activists on the environmental and social risks posed by the mining sector, risks which he believes are mis-managed. 

He concluded by presenting a list of issues that he believes are key to reforming the mining sector in Armenia, and also briefly talked about the initiatives underway at the AUA Center for Responsible Mining. For more on the Center’s activities visit

The American University of Armenia (AUA) Center for Responsible Mining promotes the creation as well as transfer and adoption in Armenia of best practices in socially, environmentally, and economically responsible mining. AUA Center for Responsible Mining works with companies, civil society, and the public sector to achieve this goal.



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