AUA Library is Gifted Some of the Rarest Collectors’ Books in School’s History

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YEREVAN, Armenia –In the beginning of the year, the AUA library received an extremely valuable and precious gift from donor, CSUN Professor, and Liaison to AUA, Dr. Dianne Philibosian. She donated two books on the Village of Parchanj from Western Armenia where her family ancestry originated called ‘Village of Parchanj, General History’  by researcher Manoog B. Dzeron. One book is in Armenian that was published in 1938, and the other an English translation that was published in 1984. 

Much intensive research went into making this book, which was not easily obtained at the time considering that Parchanj is in modern-day Turkey and there was not much other information available after the tragedies of the genocide of 1915. There are many intricate details that represent the rich Western Armenian culture in the form of stories, traditions, geographic descriptions and even profiles on prominent figures of the village community. ‘Village of Parchanj’ acts as a key element that help keep old traditions alive, that many thought could have been lost. For instance, the ritual process of a ‘Brides Bath’ that is drawn for her, two weeks after her wedding, is described with full instructions that are easy to follow.

The forward was written by Arshag Chobanian, a notable writer, journalist, editor, poet, translator, literary critic, playwright, philologist, and novelist, “This book is a beautiful effort which enriches the collection of a number of praiseworthy publications that serve this purpose and that recently appeared among the Armenians of the Dispersion”.

As it turns out, these are now very valuable collectors’ items and are classified as rare books. The AUA library is honored to house these books as a key historical and spiritual reference to Western Armenia through the scope of Parchanj Village. For maximum protection, all while proudly sharing the information to the public, the books are for reference are not available for checking out.

Dianne’s grandfather, Harry Berberian from Fresno, CA, was the benefactor who sponsored the author to research and write the books. Dianne and her husband Thomas Seifert were pleased to donate these incredibly historic books to the library in loving memory of, Fred Philibosian, Mary Berberian Philibosian, and Harry and Almas Berberian.

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