Freshman English Class Project Results in Compelling Video on the Power of Language

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Assigned to reflect on language, identity, and voice, AUA students, Monika Stepanyan and Ani Amirjanyan, prepared a video for their Freshman English 101 class. Their instructor, Madlene Minassian, shared the quote by Suzanne Talhouk, “To lose a language is to lose a nation,” and asked them to reflect on these words in any artistic medium.

Minassian shares, “On presentation day we had everything from a painting to a fashion show, each creative and unique. At the end, classmates selected Monika and Ani’s video as their favorite. Through the video, they eloquently presented our success story, thousands of years in the making. During this centennial commemoration of the Armenian Genocide, our students remind us of our survival and ability to thrive.”

The students researched and reflected on the loss of a language on culture and identity. They then considered the Armenian language. “It is unexpected to be reminded of the importance of Armenian in a Freshman English class, but it makes sense. As we strengthen our knowledge of English, with its strong influence throughout the world, we should also recognize the importance of our own language,” shares Monika.

“We never thought that this would go viral when preparing for our assignment, but we are excited hoping that it will inspire people all over the world to find their roots and value their native language,” shares Ani.  

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