AUA Alumni Meet with University Leadership

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YEREVAN, Armenia – On October 15, 2014, American University of Armenia (AUA) faculty, staff, alumni, friends and distinguished guests gathered in the Marriott Armenia Hotel’s Tigran Mets Ballroom Hall to meet and hear from AUA founding members and new leadership, and to celebrate the many successes and achievements of the university and its alumni.

AUA President Dr. Armen Der Kiureghian welcomed the many special guests, including Dr. Lawrence Pitts, Chair of the AUA Corporation’s Board of Trustees, Lorraine Alexander, newly appointed Vice President of Development, Mihran Agbabian, President Emeritus of AUA, and his wife Elizabeth, and others.

Throughout the evening, several emotional and inspirational speeches were made as the microphone was passed between colleagues and friends.

AUA alumna, Karine Sarkissian, who is now the Market Manager for Coca Cola in Armenia and Georgia, said, “I am always asking ‘where would I be if I were not at AUA?’ and I still cannot find the answer.” She went on to say that the establishment of AUA was, “a kind of door opening for us. After the collapse of the Soviet Union…it was really unbelievable. It was a kind of small life. I wish more graduates would support AUA.”

One of AUA’s founding members, Mihran Agbabian, said, “AUA has many aspects that attract me. One of them is the graduates, because it is a significant thing to be able to say that the university has produced students who have graduated and are doing wonderful things…One of the most productive years of my life was 1991. 1991 was the year that we started the first classes at AUA.”

Dr. Agbabian also addressed fellow founding member, Dr. Armen Der Kiureghian, and said, “When I heard that Armen was accepted as the new president, I thought, ‘This is the happiest news of the year.’”

Savey Tufenkian, a long-term friend and supporter of AUA, said, “AUA is probably the best project the diaspora has in Armenia.”

The Alumni Dinner served as a wonderful occasion for guests to reflect on their experiences at AUA and look forward to what the university has to offer in the future. Additionally, the guests enjoyed delicious food, lively music and three short videos featuring alumni throughout the years.


AUA President Dr. Armen Der Kiureghian speaks to the guests.


Notable AUA Alumna Karine Sarkissian, Market Manager for Coca Cola for Armenia and Georgia, gives an emotional speech.


One of AUA’s founders, Mihran Agbabian looks on with his wife Elizabeth Agbabian. 


Savey Tufenkian inspires the audience with her speech.

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