AGBU Papazian Library Hosts Training for Kapan Librarians

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YEREVAN, Armenia – The American University of Armenia (AUA)’s AGBU Papazian Library recently hosted a training for librarians from different libraries in Kapan region aiming to empower participants to modernize and computerize Kapan public libraries, as well as aid in the creation of a new public library. The training was part of the Civil Society and Local Government Support Program (CSLGSP), a Counterpart International project in partnership with and generously supported by the United States Agency for International Development (USAID).

The CSLGSP project aims to increase the level of informed and organized civic activism at the local and national levels, along with more participatory, decentralized, efficient, and accountable local governance that leads to a more democratic society. At the end of the project, the AGBU Papazian Library will have helped establish a new library in Kapan with state-of-the-art facilities and technology, with a team of staff members specially trained to utilize these resources. The project also aims to improve the service of various libraries in Kapan by offering a series of trainings for librarians on the use of modern technological resources.

Director of the AGBU Papazian Library Satenik Avagyan shares, “We did a similar project in Dilijan, creating a library and training the staff members. That was two years ago and I always hear good things about the library. Lots of students are visiting it, different events and activities are taking place in it. The new library in Kapan will create a place where everyone can seek information and access it immediately. Thanks to the diversity of resources, patrons of all ages will be welcome, from young children to adults. This library will create a new environment for Kapan, an environment that will encourage citizens to visit the library, to share their ideas, to learn from each other, and to host meetings with community leaders.”

The AGBU Papazian Library at the American University of Armenia is a modern, state-of-the-art research facility that serves over 12,000 patrons throughout the Republic of Armenia. The library is home to over 42,000 volumes of books and over 65,000 online journals and is equipped with individual study carrels, group study rooms, 35 computer workstations, and both wired and wireless internet access.


Libraries from Kapan came to AUA to participate in the training. 


AUA staff members taught participants how to utilize modern technological resources.


Participants with their certificates, upon completion of the training.




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