Student Spotlight: Vacheh Sahakian, BA Business ‘17

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By Sona Budaghyan, MA TEFL ‘14

vacheYEREVAN, Armenia – Vacheh Sahakian is an undergraduate student majoring in Business at the American University of Armenia (AUA). His family repatriated to Armenia from Iran when he was seven years old. Vacheh is very proud to be a freshman at AUA, where he is a member of the newly elected undergraduate student council.  In addition to his life at AUA, Vacheh is actively engaged in various extracurricular activities and projects. Read on to explore more about Vacheh, his life at AUA and outside.

Why did you apply to AUA?

AUA is the institution which will teach me skills to become a successful professional. My career goal is to become a Business Psychologist. I consider AUA the best fit for making this path. I am sure that at the AUA Business School I will compile enough knowledge.

What makes AUA special?

Here, I love that every student has his or her own syllabi of all the courses and can be aware about the whole course from the very beginning. We have many team projects and the collaboration with my peers becomes very beneficial during our learning process. I appreciate the high quality of education of the AUA. I can say that I already overcame the first challenge of getting used to the new system, classmates, and professors.

Outside of your life at AUA, are you involved in community activites?

Currently I am a Scout leader in AGBU Yerevan. My parents have also been Scouts and thanks to them this experience started early in my childhood. As a leader of a team I am responsible for organising various events. The main challenge in this process is that team members are of different age groups and the activities should be relevant to their ages and interests. I should create a kind of balance while choosing appropriate activities.

I am also a member at European Youth Parliament Armenia. I play the guitar and the harmonica.  Years ago, I was in a band called ”Pink City.” My hobbies are hiking, biking, skateboarding, snowboarding, and basketball.

Is there an achievement for which you are particularly proud of? What is it and why is it significant?

Yes, there is one such achievement. During my school years I attended Arabkir Sport School.  During my time there I was a member of Armenia’s national basketball team and we won the championship four times.

“Never back down!” is the motto of our student Vacheh Sahakian.

We wish Vacheh  a successful academic year!

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